Welcome to Sometimes Crafter Longarm Quilting!  I am Christina Lane and I have been proud to call myself a quilter for almost 20 years.  I started longarm quilting in 2006, and began quilting professionally in 2009.  I recently purchased a new longarm, and proudly quilt on a Gammill Statler Stitcher.  Quilting is both hand guided and computer guided, depending on the complexity of the quilting requested.   My quilting work has been featured in various print publications, including my own book Quilting Happiness.

**Current turn around time for quilting is 7-14 business days from the quilts arrival in the studio.**


Quilting costs are calculated per square inch (psi) with a minimum fee for quilting.  Thread and return domestic shipping are included in the price.  Insured shipping is an additional charge.  International shipments will be given a credit towards the cost of return shipping.  

Edge-to-Edge Quilting, also known as all over quilting, is $0.03 psi (with a minimum charge of $80).  This is one design stitched edge to edge, from top to bottom on your quilt, with no thread changes.  This includes the cost of a single thread choice, as well as return shipping via USPS Priority mail in the US.

Custom Quilting is $0.04-$0.08 psi depending on the complexity of the quilting.  This can include different stitch patterns in borders or blocks, or a customized quilt-doodling over the entirety of the top.  You could let me know exactly what you want, give me a general idea or let me go wild and be surprised when it arrives back home.  Cost will include thread and return shipping via USPS Priority mail in the US.


You are welcome to send your own batting, or I offer Warm & White batting for purchase.  Warm & White is a great low loft quilt batting.  I have used it for many years and love how flat my quilts lay when using it.  While I love this batting, it does not have the ‘poof ‘of loftier battings, and therefore the quilting does not pop as much as the use of a poly-blend or wool batting.  If you would really like the quilting to pop on your quilt top, I suggest using loftier battings.  I am happy to order in other battings for your quilt at cost.  You are more than welcome to send your own batting, just remember, the quality of the batting makes a difference in the look and feel of a quilt.


All machine quilting is done with So Fine by Superior Threads.  So Fine is a #50 filament polyester that blends beautifully into quilt tops, and is made to be used on longarm machines.


For an estimate for quilting services, email Christina with the following information, and any questions you might have.

+  Quilt top dimensions (length and width, both in inches),
+  If you would like an estimate for batting,
+  Thread color choice,
+  Type of quilting (edge-to-edge or custom),
+  Description of any quilting style you are interested in,
+  Density of quilting, if you have a preference,
+  If you would like an estimate on insurance for return shipping,
+ If this is an international shipment.

If you would like suggestions for quilting designs, please be sure to send me a photo of the quilt top, or a link to a similar quilt.

After emailing, we will discuss all of your preferences and the costs.  Once you are ready to proceed, an invoice will be sent requesting the 50% deposit needed to begin quilting.  An address will be provided on the invoice for shipment of your quilt.  Don’t forget to prep your top and backing before sending!  I will email you when your quilt has arrived, and again when i’ve finished quilting it, with the balance due before return shipping.  Quilts are quilted in the order they are received in the studio.

Please don’t hesitate to email with any questions.  I look forward to quilting your quilt!